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What should I write on the postcards?

There are lots of things you can write on a postcard! You can write what you like on the postcards you send, you could say something about yourself, where you live, about the picture on the card or even the history of the card, like where it has traveled and so on.

Why is it 9 postcards? What a strange amount!

The reason why we ask you to send us 9 postcards is because 9 postcards and an envelope normally weighs under 50 grams in total, making it cheaper for posting. If you wish, you can send us less than 9 postcards for the first time, but then you will only receive the same number of random postcards in return.

Do I have to buy new postcards ?

You can send new or old postcards, used or unused, as long as they are in good condition. If you send a old or used postcard that is already written on please write something on it yourself, either on the postcard or attached to it, on a post-it or on a separate small piece of paper for example.

Can I send cards other than postcards or the type of cards that are given away free?

Generally no. However, we do allow you to send old photographs, if they are roughly the same size as a postcard.

What language should I use ?

English is the most widely understood language in the world so we suggest that you write in English on the postcards if at all possible, but by all means, write something in your own language as an extra if you want.

When can I send more postcards ?

As soon as you have been notified that your postcards have arrived here you may send a further 9 cards. If you want to send more postcards before that or more than 9 cards please contact us first.

Can I choose which countries my postcards will go to or come from ?

You can say which type of cards or countries you like in your profile and we will try our best to send you the types of postcards that you have asked for, but we can only send out the postcards that we have received from other members so there are no guarantees. Please try to include postcard types from the most wanted list when you send us your postcards.

What if I change my address ?

If you change your address, please update it in your profile and let us know by sending us a message here.

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