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Here is a basic explanation of how the MixPostCards.com postcard exchange system works. You put 9 postcards in an envelope and send it to the address that you are given in the members area. We will then send you 9 postcards from other members from all over the world. When sending your cards, put our address clearly on the front and your return address on the back. If possible use a nice stamp and we will do the same for you in the return. Make sure you write your username on the back of the postcards. Also, please make sure that you pay the correct international postage to send to us here in France.


When your postcards arrive here at MixPostCards.com, they will be sorted and sent out to other members at random from all around the world. You will then be sent 9 cards from other members in return. Each exchange is logged on the site, and you will be able to view the profiles of each member that your postcards have been sent to or that you have recieved postcards from. The more you exchange postcards, the more members you will be able to meet and interact with!


The postcards that we send you in return are selected by us at random from all the postcards that we have received from other members, with the following exceptions. We will first see if we have any postcards that match what you have said in your profile, after that we will send you any type of postcard at random to make the numbers up, trying our best to make sure that you will recieve postcards from as many different countries as possible! So what are you waiting for? To register, simply Click here!

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